Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Haniza Yon is the founder and CEO of Global Psytech Sdn Bhd. She has provided the management and intellectual leadership in the development of behavioural analytic technologies at the company. She is the country’s foremost psychometrician and during her Directorship of the MIMOS Psychometrics and Cognitive Analytics Labs, she successfully led a multi-disciplinary team that developed various commercial products and solutions. Psychometric technologies that operate on intellectual property produced by her are widely used in many governments and private organisations across various industries in Malaysia and internationally.
Her research and business objectives are centred around the application of behavioural science and digital assessment technology to assess human potential and capabilities. She is a trained psychometrician with a long-standing interest in behavioural and data science. She was the founding President of the Malaysian Psychometrics Association (MPA) and is currently serving her tenth presidential term. She has been working in behavioural and data science for more than 25 years, including as a psychometrician at Educational Testing Service (ETS), Princeton, New Jersey, as a Vice President at IKS, Illinois, USA and as a Principal Researcher of the Artificial Intelligence Lab and as a Director of the Psychometrics and Cognitive Analytics Labs at MIMOS Berhad, Malaysia.
She received her PhD in Measurement and Quantitative Methods from Michigan State University, USA and served as an Adjunct Professor at the School of Economics, Finance and Banking, UUM and an Adjunct Fellow at the School of Quantitative Sciences, UUM, the Educational Research Lab, UPSI, the Laboratory for Statistics and Computation, ISLA, Portugal and as a research fellow at the Psychometrics Centre, Cambridge University, UK. She can be contacted at haniza.yon@globalpsytech.com.