General Financial Insights (GFI) is an alternative credit risk assessment system that applies artificial intelligence, machine learning, behavioural science and psychometrics to estimate the risk that an individual will default on a loan. GFI individual and corporate scores can be used by lenders to make better decisions related to financing, insurance, etc. GFI collects predictive data about borrowers or customers that is not likely to be otherwise available to lenders.

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Work 4.0 helps employers prepare for the fourth industrial revolution by measuring skills that predict success in the workplace. It can be used to identify candidates with the particular qualifications needed for a certain job or industry, as well as to measure existing employees’ skills as a guide to talent development. It is ideal for talent requisition, talent development, workforce & succession planning, and talent retention.

Three variables of Work 4.0 are available: talent success, career fit, and leadership.

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Human Governance Profile (HGP) is a comprehensive solution for integrity that is based on extensive research in psychometrics and behavioural science. Using cutting-edge assessment technologies, it assesses important predictors of trustworthiness and ethical behaviour at work. HGP allows employers to identify productive and conscientious workers who are equal to the demands of the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Entrepreneurship 4.0 (ENT) serves as a valuable tool to measure an individual’s capacity and potential for entrepreneurial success. Designed to give aspiring entrepreneurs insights into their own personality, ENT flags any personal strengths or weaknesses that may help or hinder as they build their businesses.

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Remote Work is designed to assess employee’s readiness for remote working. It helps employers to determine whether their employees have what it takes to keep themselves motivated, prioritise and manage their workload, and maintain excellent performance with minimal supervision at home.

Potential Talent for Students (PTS) helps adolescents and young adults to cultivate critical skills for success at school and after graduation. PTS assesses some of the most important skills demanded by the ongoing fourth industrial revolution in order to prepare students for their future endeavours.